our story

Uncommon Beauty in a Common World.

What We Do 

In Honor of other small businesses' trying to make their own way in a world that doesn't seem to have room for them, our company elects to support them in any way we can. We know that small business like our own hold the same values and kind of integrity we pride ourselves upon-and all of our raw materials for our handmade pieces are directly sourced from them. Domestic Etsy sellers and a singular local business here in Southern Oregon provide us with everything we need to support both our community and our collective environment through the business we conduct. 

Every step matters-no matter how small.

Who We Are 

I've been passionate about creating and designing the best Handmade Jewelry pieces I could dream up for many years- I started out with nothing. I went from a self-taught handmade jewelry designer working at my kitchen table to starting my own small business. Amethystwoods.com is my next step- now, I work from my dining room (cue laughter here).

With 5 children to feed, being a self-employed Woman working in a saturated market isn't easy- but I enjoy going off the beaten path. I want to pave the way for Women just like me to pursue their own dreams and passions. Mine just happens to be running a small handmade jewelry business! Irrespective of Macy's outselling my company, I will never loathe my accomplishments. As a Woman, you shouldn't either- being one of us is hard. 

Taking the World By Storm- One Piece at a Time 

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